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Thanav Kora - The Birthday Carnival from Mahesh Ratnam on Vimeo.

A short video capturing the events of the birthday celebrations for Thanav Kora

MōVI BTS from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Simply FOLLOW BOTH @freeflycinema + @vincentlaforet for a chance to win a #MoVI M10. Simple no? wp.me/pjtZ0-2a4

This short was shot with the The “MōVI” - a digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized handheld camera gimbal. The completely silent device weighs under 3.5 pounds bare and can be operated solo, or with the help of a second “gimbal” operator with a joystick to pull off some incredible moves. To read more about it go to: wp.me/pjtZ0-2a4 The resulting video from this shoot is at:vimeo.com/62917185

To download extra features go to: vimeo.com/ondemand/movi

All proceeds from the “Tip Jar” and Vimeo on Demand will benefit the Lollipop theater network lollipoptheater.org/ - a nonprofit organization that arranges showings of first-run movies to children confined to hospitals.

Filmmaking using Still Images from Vashi Nedomansky on Vimeo.

FULL ARTICLE: vashivisuals.com/filmmaking-using-still-images/
By incorporating a vast amount of still images…a film editor can build the narrative and evoke emotions by juxtapositioning these images to tell the story. Just like editing moving images…the pace, choice of shot, and resonant emotional effect of still images are all critical to achieve success. Here are 3 amazing examples:

1. “LOOK AT LIFE” (1965) - George Lucas student film
2. “THE PARALLAX VIEW” (1974) - Brainwashing montage edited by John W. Wheeler
3. “MS MR - HURRICANE” (2012) - Music video remix by Chaîne de Pietonpassage

NHDK from victor enrich on Vimeo.

NH Deutscher Kaiser Hotel, Munich.
Stills on victorenrich.com/?page_id=4001

850 meters (HD English version) from THURISTAR on Vimeo.

Making of teaser : vimeo.com/17197909
Making of #1 : vimeo.com/19900536
Making of #2 : vimeo.com/22963108
Making of #3 : vimeo.com/28585796
Making of #4 : vimeo.com/38009169

850 METERS is an animated comedy short produced by THURISTAR in coproduction with Lunanime, currently screening in festivals. The short has also aired on CANAL+ in France and will soon be shown on Ketnet (VRT) and Ouftivi (RTBF) in Belgium.

Synopsis : A not-so-brave knight is on a quest for Fame and Fortune - legend says rescuing a princess is the way to go. And in those same fairy tales, there’s only one way to slay the dragon that hold the fair lady captive : find the invincible sword. To reach his goal, the knight is ready to go far. Maybe even as far as 850 meters…

A THURISTAR — Lunanime short film
Starring Roger Flambé
Written and directed by Joeri Christiaen
Co-written and produced by Perrine Gauthier
Coproduced by Annemie Degryse
Music by Frederik Segers
With the participation of CANAL+, pmG Worldwide (messiahStudio) and Temple of Tune
With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Provinciebestuur Oost Vlaanderen
Taxshelter partner : BUSI (Business & Systems Integration)

Image by Joeri Christiaen
With help from Olivier Thill, Julien Schmitt, Wouter Aarts, Michael Mahy and Mette Tange
2D artwork : Andry Rajoelina
Programming and rigging : Vegard Myklebust
messiahStudio support : Fori Owurowa
Sound design and mix : Temple of Tune / Fredo Gevaert and Jorka Decroubele
Voice recording : Piste Rouge
With the voices of : Manu Garijo, David Gasman, Mirabelle Kirkland and Barbara Beretta
Music recording and premix : Boma Studio
Lab : Studio L’Equipe

Making-of by Antoine Kerninon


* AUDIENCE AWARD, Mundos Digitales Festival — Spain, July 2013

* SPECIAL MENTION (adult jury) International Film Festival for Children and Youth (FICAIJ) — Venezuela, May 2013 

Past and upcoming selections:
* Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote — Spain, April 2013
* Chilemonos International Animation Festival — Chile, May 2013
* International Film Festival for Children and Youth (FICAIJ) — Venezuela, May 2013
* RabbitFest, Festival di Cinema di Animazione — Italy, June 2013
* Neum Animated Film Festival — Bosnia-Herzegovnia, June-July 2013
* Mundos Digitales Festival — Spain, July 2013
* Supertoon — Croatia, July-August 2013
* Anima Mundi — Brazil, August 2013
* Anibar – Kosovo, August 2013
* Animated Eden – UK, September 2013
* Film Festival Oostende, Ensors – Belgium, September 2013
* KinoFest – Romania, September 2013
* Balkanima – Serbia, October 2013
* Shnit International Short Film Festival (non-competitive program) – Switzerland, October 2013
* KuanDu International Animation Festival – Taiwan, October 2013
* Miami International Animation Festival – USA, October 2013 
* Banjaluka – Bosnia-Herzegovnia, October 2013
* ReAnimania – Armenia, October 2013
* Golden Orchid International Animation Festival – USA, November 2013
* Multivision – Russia, November 2013
* SIGGRAPH Asia – Hong-Kong, November 2013
* Expotoons – Argentina, November 2013
* BUtiful Film Festival – UK, November 2013
* Les Nuits Magiques – France, December 2013